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New York City, NY

Landlords sue federal gov’t over rental losses during CDC eviction ban

Cover picture for the articleIn three days, the federal ban on evictions is set to expire, allowing landlords in most states to take non-paying tenants to court. But property owners say they deserve more than the freedom to join a backlogged docket. They want money. The National Apartment Association, a landlord group, filed a...

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Ryan X

get ready for the biggest rent hike in history!!🤣🤣🤣 you Democrats better buy some tents at Walmart or start getting ready to live in your car!!


I can’t evict bad renters but the electric company can turn off the lights not fair. PS rent only going to double

Doug Melrose

i was a land owener they foreclosed on me last year i gave them all i had to give all three stimulus checks an this year in april they refused to take my money an now they auction off my property an claimed everything i had on it were is the law were is the law were is the law too arrest them tax collector an proscutors and judges for not representing the law witch was passed by the president and congress an senate executive order michigan governor whitmore judiciary orders an still no law too arrest these criminals for a hate crime against humanity durning a pandemic


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