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Arizona State

GOP liaison to Arizona reverses course after vowing to resign

NBC News

Cover picture for the articleThe Republican serving as liaison between the Arizona state Senate and the private company conducting a partisan ballot review said Wednesday that he intended to resign, then walked it back. Ken Bennett, a former Arizona secretary of state, said he'd decided to resign when it became clear he would not...

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Mr Davis4010

I think they didn't think it would get this far there is only so far a lie will go. Now they are realizing this could lead to legal consequences and jail time.

Debbie Jordan

Thank you Cindy McCain! Trump should have been more respectful of fellow Republican Senators. Maybe Arizona would not have flipped blue? There will never be enough invalid votes to flip the outcome. Trump is one of the most hated men in America, and that won’t change as long as he keeps the lie going.

Bob Eddy

The fraudit is over. Let the indictments begin...for ANYONE who participated in this freak show...ANYONE from the Republicans who released certified ballots to an unqualified, partisan scam group to those leading the group along with ANYONE who worked in the group and Republicans from other states that visited it! The ALL need to be held responsible!


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