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As Trump Seeks Republican to Take Down Cheney, Poll Shows Darin Smith Could Be a Winner


Cover picture for the articleFormer President Donald Trump's strategy to oust Representative Liz Cheney from office is to rally Republicans around one candidate. It's possible that person will be Darin Smith, a businessman from Cheyenne. Cheney's been on the receiving end of Trump's ire since the Capitol riot, where she laid the blame at...

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Gail Leonard

I hope Wyoming voters are smart and savy enough to see that Cheney is the kind of person who will stand up for truth and justice in this country and be their for all the people in Wyoming and the country, she is one Republican who puts the people first at all costs to her. She won't back down on issues regardless of the threats that she will loose her job. She will risk it all to do the right thing for her constitutes and the country, she inspired me to be a better person and inspired to believe that truth and justice can prevail. My hat is off to this strong and commitment to her states people and to the USA....she deserves our respect t and support.

magic mohican

I wish Republicans cared asuch about our country as they do with vendettas against people who actually did the right thing and showed some actual dignity and integrity.

passion 40

@least liz took her oath of office seriously ,i commend her👏👏 for standing up for truth ,not lies, she has more balls then that whole trumptart party


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