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Ted Cruz's question about China sanctions silences Biden intel official during testimony

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleSen. Ted. Cruz was met with silence during a congressional hearing when he grilled a panel of cybersecurity officials on why China was not sanctioned after the attack on Microsoft and other U.S. companies. "Let me ask anyone on the panel," Cruz said Tuesday during the hearing, directing his question...

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Jason Davis

Where did Trump bow to Russia or China ??? When ??? Trump stoped Russia's Pipeline and the millions it would have brought him. He stood up to China like NO OTHER PRESIDENT HAS !!!! Say he didn't come on ??? Right Trump ended ISIS . Stoped the Iran deal. Trump stood up to America's Enemies and MADE OUR FRIENDS PAY THERE DUES. Trump did alot of GOOD THING FOR AMERICA !!!!

Sly Eagle

This administration is not going to do anything to protect the united states he is afraid that China will no longer supply Hunters crack or keep him employed so he can pay Biden and say it's from his crayon painting's I want to know who buys them.

linda enos

Gee those people couldnt answer the question but ask anyone on here that is honest and they will tell you Biden and hunter are in bed with China


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