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Eddie Hearn brands Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul a ‘disgrace’ and admits he was ‘uncomfortable’ promoting YouTuber

The US Sun
The US Sun

EDDIE HEARN has slammed Floyd Mayweather's recent fight with Logan Paul, branding it a 'disgrace' to the sport of boxing.

Former five-weight world champion Mayweather went the distance with the YouTuber in an eight-round exhibition in Miami last month and was ridiculed for failing to put away the novice.
Floyd Mayweather went the distance with Logan Paul last month Credit: Getty
And Matchroom Boxing chief Eddie Hearn has branded the fight a 'disgrace' Credit: Getty

Hearn was among those baffled by the fight, which he reckons shouldn't have been given then the time of day.

During an appearance on talkSPORT, the 42-year-old said: "Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul was the biggest joke I have ever seen.

"It was a disgrace that it was even broadcast, to be honest."

Matchroom Boxing chief Hearn, however, has no issue with Paul's younger brother Jake fighting former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

He added: "Now if there's a fight between someone who is taking boxing seriously and someone that can fight, I'm talking about Jake Paul against Tyron Woodley coming up, I'm not offended by it."

Hearn himself has dabbled in the world of YouTube boxing, promoting Paul's rematch with KSI in November 2019.

The biggest joke I have ever seen

The veteran promoter shrugged off criticism at the time but admits he felt 'uncomfortable' staging the pair's Los Angeles showdown.

He said: "I did Logan Paul against KSI, two guys who can't really fight at that professional level, but it was a 50/50.

"We sold out the Staples Centre, we did millions of buys worldwide on pay-per-view.

"But I did feel uncomfortable, I have to be honest."

YouTube fights have divided opinion in the boxing world, with many purists adamant they're making a mockery of the sweet science.

But KSI believes himself and the Paul brothers have brought new eyes to the sport.


During an appearance on the IMPAULSIVE podcast, he said: "Boxing purists are gonna be like, 'It's bad for boxing, blah, blah, blah.'

"It really isn't man. It's done so much.

"The amount of young people who are now into boxing is f***ing through the roof. What we've done is incredible."

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