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Mo Brooks Accidentally Gave Up His Immunity From Eric Swalwell’s Insurrection Lawsuit


Cover picture for the articleOn Tuesday, the Department of Justice announced that it would not shield Rep. Mo Brooks from Rep. Eric Swalwell’s lawsuit against the fomenters of the Jan. 6 insurrection. The DOJ’s decision may seem surprising: After all, Attorney General Merrick Garland has continued to protect Donald Trump from E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit, signaling a broad view of elected officials’ immunity from civil suits. In Swalwell’s case, however, the Justice Department seized upon comments demonstrating that, at the Jan. 6 rally, Brooks was acting not as an elected official, but as a politician seeking to influence future elections. Ironically, it was Brooks himself who made these statements, under oath, in an effort to evade this very lawsuit. The congressman’s legal defense has turned into a legal liability.

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Debra Gordy

Finally maybe mo will pay for his part. i pray for justice for America that the blind idolitors will see their fake god in his true form and that he pays also. to give peace to this country they damaged on 1/6

Gary Hinton

Everyone involved with Trumps big lie and tried to overthrow the government. should be held accountable and removed from office because they violated their oath to the US Constitution..

Pierre D

swalwell was found to be sleeping witha Chinese spy called Fang Fang. and yet he still works on the intelligence committee and has access to documents that affects national security.


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