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NASCAR races will likely move behind a paywall in the future (at least some races)

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Racing News
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The days of NASCAR on network TV could be changing in the next contract with the closing of NBCSN. Starting in 2022, there’s some changes coming to the NBC side of motorsports program. It pertains to both NASCAR and Indycar alike. The NBC Sports Network is closing, as previously reported....

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Janet Russell

well that will be the official death of NASCAR. I absolutely love racing but I have real world obligations to spend my money on. I was a diehard football fan until racist politics took it over and killed that for me (haven't watched football for a out 6 years now). Now I guess they're gonna take this entertainment from me too.

rebel scum

am I the only one that misses the good old days of rabbit ears or an antenna sitting outside your house then you can watch TV all day long for free

John Tebeau

Lost interest years ago. Would travel to 5-6 races per year. NBC is the end problem as they out bid other networks then take non stop commercials.. its brutal. ESPN shows F1 races with zero commercials over 2 hour events.Bring speed channel back


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