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The states that have brought back $300 unemployment benefits – are you in line for a payout?

The US Sun
The US Sun

SOME states are being forced to bring back weekly unemployment benefits worth $300 - and you could be due a payout.

It comes after a growing number of jobless Americans sued their states for ending federal aid programs early.
Unemployed Americans demanded that federal benefits should continue in Miami Springs, Florida, last summer Credit: Getty Images - Getty

The American Rescue Plan offers the aid until September 6, but 26 states have either already withdrawn from it or plan to.

Some governors claimed the benefits were overly generous and contributed to complaints from employers who couldn't fill job vacancies.

However, following successful lawsuits in Indiana and Maryland, the two states have now reintroduced the cash.

It means around 500,000 unemployed workers in those states should see a continuation of their benefits, said the National Employment Law Project.

Are you in line for a payout?

MORE than half of US states have either already withdrawn from the federal aid program or plan to.

Whether you're due cash or not depends on the state you live in, and whether lawsuits have been successful.

States that have brought back the benefits after lawsuits

  • Indiana
  • Maryland

States with pending lawsuits

  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas

All states that have ended or plan to end the benefits early

Indiana initially appealed the decision but the request was rejected, and the state began paying the $300 weekly benefits earlier this month.

The payments are also retroactive to the week ending June 26, which is one week after it axed the support on June 19.

In Maryland, a judge recently also ordered the state to bring back the benefits.

While the governor's office said it "fundamentally disagreed" with the order, it added it won't appeal the ruling, reports CBS Baltimore.

If you're already claiming unemployment benefits, you'll get the extra $300 a week automatically.

Meanwhile, similar lawsuits in Arkansas, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas are still pending, of which Ohio is expecting a decision within days.

The cut in aid by the states affects Americans who've been receiving $300 extra a week in unemployment benefits during the pandemic.

Those on regular state benefits, which typically last up to 26 weeks, have continued to receive these, but stopped getting the $300 federal extra.

In addition to the $300 extra, the federal Covid programs provide benefits to freelancers, self-employed and independent contractors.

Instead of unemployment benefits, some states are offering cash incentives of up to $2,000 to return to the workplace.

Six states - Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma - are all offering bonuses to people who re-enter the workforce.

States that aren't ceasing their participation in the enhanced federal programs could still impose stricter rules to qualify for the cash.

In Hawaii, officials are requiring unemployed residents to prove they're actively searching for work to obtain the expanded payments.

If you're set to lose the benefits early, if you haven't already, check out our guide on how to prepare financially.

We also explain how to go back to work and keep unemployment benefits.

Households who received unemployment checks last year may be able to get a tax refund - we explain how to check the status of the payment.

Plus, we round up how to get help as plenty of Covid support comes to an end.

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Glenna Ellis Nenedjian

come on man! there are PLENTY OF JOBS OUT THERE,People are just abusing the system! I own a business and we can not hire anyone! Yes they do the interviews,only because the unemployment office now demands it.Then when you offer the position they never show up for the actual job!

Ronald John Williams

let's see a study came out saying that there was no uptick in employment in any states that cut unemployment benefits early, in fact we actually opposite was true and it actually hurt the economic recovery of those States, the State of Florida lost five hundred million dollars when it cut unemployment early. Now, you got covid part 2 coming around and all those people that are forced to go to work, while sick will all be in the food and hospitality industry. I mean people have no recourse now, Republicans don't want to give any more money out, so what are millions of Americans that get sick with the new covid going to do, while they're going to load they're sick kids up in the car, drop them off at daycare, then they're going to go to work, and is going to spread, those who work in the restaurant business are going to just pass it around like wildfire. Hope you're happy

Ryan Smith

come on ppl of course its jobs out there however the jobs thts not out there are the ones that dont have any benifits or 401k plan yes they are jobs not careers 🤷🏿 and yes of course its some that dont want to work however I m willing to bet its more ppl want to work than not, cause im one of them im living in Baltimore, MD. and just one more thing the careers that are available ppl have to have some transportation, and im also willing to bet a lot of ppl lost there cars because of the pandemic some cause they couldnt pay anymore or couldnt pay to get it fix.


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