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Tucker Carlson Keeps Interviewing a Congressman Who Is Also His Son's Boss


Cover picture for the articleHours after the U.S. Capitol was overrun by rioters on January 6, Fox News host Tucker Carlson brought on Indiana Republican Rep. Jim Banks to discuss the still-unfolding situation, introducing him as “a sincere and principled conservative.”. But Carlson didn’t mention that Banks is also his son’s boss. That connection...

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Melanie Mills

Now this is starting to make sense...Bear with me for a moment......Tucker Carlson is connected to Congressman Banks by his son....Congressman Banks is connected to Trump....Trump is connected to Russia.....Carlson tried to get an interview with Putin but could not get through normal channels...Carlson was picked up on channels monitoring Russians.....Ask yourself this question....Who gains the most by discord and that in America...Russia does...So ask yourself this....Is it really the people that own FOX that are Russian puppets....Somehow I think if you research the Murdochs there is a link there and its all connected....They were also very friendly with Trump.....Are the Murdochs how Russia infiltrated America?


Nobody has done more to advance the purposes of Putin and the Kremlin than the talking heads over at FOX. They’ve really assisted in making Russia great again.

Danielle Lillie

Typically he does say something but I know he's been pretty riled up lately and may not have even thought about it. He's been pretty angry on his show.


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