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Mom Gives Birth, Husband Is Stunned

Cover picture for the articleWhat a love story for Aaron and Rachel. The two met as missionaries, fell in love and then married. Aaron then discovered Rachel was pregnant with twins. So what was the issue?. Travel On TV reported on the unusual circumstances surrounding the birth of Aaron and Rachel Halbert’s babies. “During...

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Etta Washington

I’m so happy for y’all such beautiful girls and handsome son makes a beautiful family I’m proud of y’all no matter what people say or how they look at you always remember God put all of y’all together as one big happy family I applaud y’all 🥰

Call me Miss Sassy pants

Cute story but totally unbelievable. She is high risk would have had ultrasounds the entire pregnancy and if her OB missed seeing 6 legs and 6 arms then she should be fired.


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