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Princess Diana's bridesmaids now - Queen's 'adored' niece and one that sold her dress

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Daily Mirror

Princess Diana dazzled as she walked down the aisle of St Paul's Cathedral during her wedding to Prince Charles 40 years ago.

But she wasn't alone - as well as being escorted by her father, she was also accompanied by five young bridesmaids.

The youngsters were all either relatives or the children of close friends of Charles and Diana and wore gorgeous dresses by the Emmanuels.

Their roles in the huge ceremony thrust them into the public spotlight and four decades later, they've all gone on to lead very different lives.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the wedding, we've looked at what the bridesmaids are doing now...

Lady Sarah Chatto
Lady Sarah Chatto with the youngest bridesmaids - Catherine Cameron and Clementine Hambro ( Image: Getty Images)

The oldest of the bridesmaids and receiving the honour of being chief bridesmaid was Lady Sarah Chatto - then known as Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones.

She is the daughter of the Queen's sister the late Princess Margaret and her former husband Lord Snowdon - making her a niece of the monarch.

It is thought that Diana had been close to Margaret and this could explain why Sarah was given a starring role in the wedding.

Before the ceremony, she was seen along with fellow bridesmaid India Hicks helping Diana re-arrange her dress after arriving at St Paul's in a horse-drawn carriage. She was also given the job of holding Diana's bouquet.

A few years after the wedding, Sarah was chosen as one of Prince Harry's godparents and in 1994 married husband Daniel Chatto. They have two sons - Arthur and Samuel. She is also a godmother to Lady Louise Windsor.
Lady Sarah Chatto (second right) and husband Daniel Chatto (far right) at Harry and Meghan's wedding in May 2018 ( Image: Getty Images)

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Sarah, 57, works as an artist, is vice-president of The Royal Ballet and is reported to be adored by her aunt the Queen.

One royal insider told the Daily Mail : "The Queen adores Sarah and seeks out her company as often as possible. She is her absolute favourite younger Royal.

"They are hugely at ease in each other’s company. Much giggling can be heard when they are together. They share a sense of loyalty, fun, duty and the ridiculous."

India Hicks
India Hicks and Clementine Hambro enjoy a carriage ride on the wedding day ( Image: Getty Images)

India, the granddaughter of Earl Mountbatten of Burma, was 13 when she was a bridesmaid on the big day.

She followed in the footsteps of her mum Lady Pamela Hicks - a cousin of the late Prince Philip - who was a bridesmaid for the Queen on her wedding day in 1947.

Later she recalled the one piece of advice her mum had given her on the big day.
India is now a designer and lives in the Bahamas ( Image: Getty Images Europe)

She told E! : "The only thing she did was tell me to remember to wave, 'You must wave,' and that to me was really awkward because you're 13 years old and you're sitting in a carriage and you're doing that ridiculous wave and you don't know how to wave.

"But my mother was right, her point was people have come and they have slept out in the streets in order to witness a wonderful occasion, they want to be as acknowledged or as involved as they possibly can and to have someone waving at them means they've been seen."

India, a goddaughter of Prince Charles, is now a designer and lives in the Bahamas. She has five children with her partner David Flint Wood.

In December, it was announced that India was engaged to David - despite previously saying she would never marry.

Sarah-Jane Gaselee
Sarah-Jane Gaselee, one of the bridesmaids at the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana ( Image: Mark Stewart/Camera Press)

Sarah-Jane was just 11 when she acted as a bridesmaid and reportedly looked up to Diana as a big sister.

She is the daughter of racehorse trainer Nick Gaselee, who schooled Prince Charles as a jump jockey.

Recalling the wedding, Sarah-Jane said: "The roar was deafening. It seemed the whole world was cheering. It was overwhelming."

Now Sarah-Jane is married with two children and according to the Daily Mail, hosts tours of places Diana had visited throughout London.

In 1999, she sold her bridesmaid's dress from the day to Diana's brother Earl Spencer for an estimated £11,000.

But it was later reported that she "bitterly regrets" selling the outfit.

Catherine Cameron
The bridesmaids on Princess Diana's wedding day 40 years ago ( Image: Getty Images)

Catherine was only six years old on the day of the wedding - making her the second-youngest bridesmaid.

She was chosen as a bridesmaid as her mother Lady Cecil Cameron was reportedly a good friend of Prince Charles.

According to fellow bridesmaid India Hicks, Catherine was allergic to horses and spent much of the wedding day "miserably blowing her little nose on her petticoat", reports the Express.

Now she leads a life away from the spotlight and works as a literary agent.

Clementine Hambro

Clementine, a great-granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill, was the youngest of all of the bridesmaids - aged just five.

She was dubbed the crying bridesmaid after she stumbled before going on to the Buckingham Palace balcony and is also said to have sat on Diana's lap during the wedding breakfast.

In 2016, she married Orlando Fraser and the couple has four children.

In 2011 she recalled her memories of the big day on US TV.

She said: "I really remember being very tired. I remember being very proud to be involved but actually, I had very little idea of was going on."

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