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WEDNESDAY UPDATES: All but three Missouri counties in ‘substantial’ or ‘high’ transmission levels of COVID-19

KMIZ ABC 17 News
KMIZ ABC 17 News

The CDC's weekly State Profile Report shows all but three Missouri counties are in "high" or "substantial" levels of COVID-19 transmission.

The new report was released the same day the agency recommended everyone wear masks indoors in areas classified as those transmission levels.

Missouri State Profile Report

Included at the highest level of transmission, shown as red in the map below, are all counties in Mid-Missouri.

Map of COVID-19 transmission in Missouri.

Scotland County is the only Missouri county that remains at the "low" level of COVID-19 transmission, while just Bollinger and Pemiscot counties are the only ones classified as "moderate" transmission.

The high transmission of COVID-19 across the Show-Me State is being blamed, in part, on the delta variant.

Updated CDC data shows the delta variant accounts for 90.3% of new cases in Missouri. This is up from slightly under 90% last week.

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Trish Williams

Biden/Harris weren't worried about Covid when they opened the borders up and didn't even test them, if they were why we're they not vaccinating before entering??

Susie Levine Alfaro

I am so done!If you are responsible for others Health, Wellness , Safety, Life and Protection, you know being Vaccinated is a no brainers! Don't let your tombstone read " I did it my way!"


We use to go to dr and they would say oh we have a virus running around and now they all start naming the colds like it’s a storm , this is fake news Dems trying shut down our economy again , and what about all the illegals coming in threw this administration wi5h COVID . Our country is being laughed at people


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