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Mother of mixed race twins says she is constantly having to explain to strangers how they are related

The Independent
The Independent
The twins, called Klay and Cole, are 15 months old (Instagram page: @cruzkyroandtwins )

A mother of biracial twins who look very different from each other has said that she often needs to explain to strangers that they are related.

Jade Ball, 32, from Salford, Greater Manchester, said strangers can’t believe that her biracial twins are related because one twin has blue eyes and blonde hair, while the other has brown hair, brown eyes and dark skin.

The twins, named Klay and Cole, respectively, are 15 months old.

Ms Ball herself is a white British woman and her partner is half Jamaican, the Daily Mail reported. The odds of a mixed-race couple having twins who look completely different from one another are a million to one, according to the report.

“When we meet new people they never believe me when I tell them that Klay and Cole are twins. They think I am joking with them,” Ms Ball was quoted saying by the Daily Mail.

She said the biracial twins always pique strangers’ interest who end up asking her a number of questions. “People always stop us when we are out and about and want to chat to me about the twins,” she said.

Even though the questions irk her sometimes, Ms Ball said she loves how her twins look and often posts their photos on Instagram.

The twins were born last year on 16 April. Ms Ball said she never assumed what her twins would look like once they were born.

“When we found out we were having twins, we didn’t really think too much about what they would look like. I guess we just assumed that they would both [be] a tanned mixture of me and their dad and look like their older brother, Cruz, now two years old,” she said.

She said she never expected the twins to be born “the total opposite of each other.”

“It was really obvious when they were born but as they are getting older they are looking even more different,” she said.

As the twins grow older, Ms Ball says she is noticing more differences between them. “Although they look completely different, when you see them together you just know they’re brothers,” she said.

The twins have recently gained some fame and signed on by a couple of modelling agencies.

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You don't have to explain anything to anyone tell them to mind there business they probably don't know who there kids daddy is

Kitty Kat

There is a difference between fraternal twins and identical twins🤷‍♀️. Fraternal twins will look different from one another. Some people need to put the 👃 they are missing back on their face. I wouldn't explain nothing to anyone. I would just tell them to go back to school and take another course in biology.

Murray Reed

Remember that Noah was different from any one in his family having white skin. His parents were both black or brown skin people. Just be happy God gave you two healthy children.


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