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'Donald Trump Bled Tonight in Texas:' Reaction As Trump Pick Defeated in House Runoff


Cover picture for the articleDonald Trump's power as a GOP kingmaker has suffered a blow after voters chose Republican Jake Ellzey over the former president's pick for a vacant seat in Congress, sparking claims that he is "not bulletproof." According to the Associated Press, Ellzey took 53 percent of the vote, six points more...

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Robert Fenton

Trump playing the lottery: "I had the best numbers in the history of Powerball, yet I turn on the TV and see numbers that no one believes. Obviously fraud perpetrated by the deep state! We need a forensic audit of those lottery machines! Many people have told me that those ping pong balls were made in China. And there were no Republican observer's allowed in that studio!


So the orange carnival barker isn’t all he’s cracked up to be . A common sense regan style Republican prevailed even with all that super pac money and trumps endless dribble mostly about himself when he supposedly endorses these candidates at these rallies. He rants for an hour and a half about himself with absolutely nothing new just grudges and mentions the candidate he’s supposedly endorsing for about 30 seconds.

Heidi A. Botte

The problem is, Trump just won't go away and has to just stop pedaling in our goverment... There's a reason for this and it's January 6th. Need II say more...


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