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NBA Youngboy Bail Denied After Prosecutors Present New Photos

Cover picture for the articleThe streets have been screaming "Free NBA Youngboy" ever since he was arrested earlier this month as part of a police sting. The rapper was arrested this past spring as part of a sting called "Operation Never Free Again." Unfortunately, the rapper is being held in custody without bail and his latest effort to be released certainly didn't work in his favor.

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stop the killin

So what message is he sending to young kids, especially young black kids. Certain type of music is mind altering. It controls you with certain behavior to represent the music without you even realizing it. Now you're living a lifestyle that's totally against Gods will for your life. It teaching you bad language, disrespect of females and others, and a mentally that is quick tempered. The picture is a little alarming.


keep him in jail. he's doing nothing but sending the wrong message to the youth with his music glorifying drugs, murder, guns and violence. we don't need that

Roddale Wynn

If this is true, then he's the only one to blame for putting himself in prison. I'm all for the uplift of my people, but if they're wrong in the choices they have made then that's just what it is. You can't get upset with the Judge, the DA, or anyone else for that matter that he is behind bars. He needs to looks in the mirror first!


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