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Elizabeth City, NC

'Black lives matter is not just a movement': BLM billboard set to go up in Elizabeth City

ABC11 Eyewitness News
ABC11 Eyewitness News

Nearly 200 miles east of the Triangle, Elizabeth City has propelled North Carolina into the national spotlight. It's marred by the familiar symbol of Black men and boys killed by law enforcement. April 21, 2021 was no different. Andrew Brown Jr., 42, was killed in front of his home as deputies said they were serving warrants.

"I saw a lot of cops. It was a big blue wall of cops. They were going to stick with each other no matter what. On the flip side, I saw Black and brown individuals. We were sticking together, no matter what," said Elizabeth City resident Alana Houston. "Demonstrations are still going on as we speak."

As Thursday marks 100 days since his killing , a new symbol is set to emerge over the city of almost 18,000 people, just blocks from where Brown was killed.

"Black lives matter is not just a movement, it's a lifestyle," said social justice activist Kerwin Pittman .

He is the executive director of RREPS and field director with Emancipate NC. Both nonprofits are behind a billboard in Elizabeth City with the words "Black Lives Matter" on it.

"This billboard will be located in a special spot on a street called Ehringhaus. It's the epicenter for the town's economics. One of the main thoroughfares we shut down every day to bring awareness to Andrew Brown," said Pittman.

The Black lives matter billboard is slated to go up Wednesday. Organizers say it will be in place for the next four weeks.

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Randolph Stowe

BLM is a Marxist racist terrorist insurrectionist organization and, by far, the most powerful violent racist hate group American history. It is thousands of time more powerful than the KKK was at its peak in the 1930s.

Frank Zo

You tear down Historical Statues because you are Offended! Yet the placing of a Billboard promoting a Domestic Terrorist Organization that has called for the Killing of Police Officers, Rioting, Looting and The Burning Down of Entire Neighborhoods, offends No One?

Steve Miller

blm movement started with good intentions bit unfortunately,it now fits the definition of a terrorist wants to get its point across no matter who it victimizes


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