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Ex-Nurse Who Calls COVID-19 Doctors “Nazis” Believes the Devil is Orchestrating Pandemic; Son Says She is “Beyond Help”

Scrubs Magazine

Cover picture for the articleFormer nurse Kate Shemirani is in hot water after giving a highly controversial speech at a recent anti-lockdown rally in the United Kingdom, during which she compared doctors giving out the COVID-19 vaccine to Nazi doctors that were later hanged for their crimes. Her critics say the speech was a...

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Wesley Dunn

they sure are pushing it hard and it don't even work as they say and what if you already had it. what would or could it do or your body to when the vaccine goes in ? she may be on to something!!!!

Doris Pistolis

She has just as much right to speak what she feels just like everybody else And I have said the same thing the devil is here, stronger than ever. leave her alone

Gregory Cantin

at least she is not responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people like Dr fauci is. he oversaw the killing of over 10,000 Americans who were said to have HIV with his drug AZT. he is a mass murderer and this lady gets most of her facts straight.


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