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State takes $39,500 from trucker headed to an auction

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Almost a year ago, the owner of a small trucking operation based in Maryland flew to Phoenix in hopes of adding a truck to his small fleet. Instead, law enforcement officers seized his $39,500 in cash stowed in his luggage through civil asset forfeiture. He was charged with no crime.

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Mike James

that's not collecting taxes. that's the state making robbery a legal crime. cause they make it okay to seize money under threat of a crime, without even proving grounds for the seizure. other than their say so.whatever happened to "due process" . oh wait they did due process cause someone's rent or mortgage, car payment was due.😬😳🤯

Jim Docherty

Government over reach, using law enforcement to collect more "taxes" wherever they can, get used to it, it is going to get much worse, long before it gets better.The socialists are coming, the socialists are coming, the socialists are here.Someone should release an app for keeping track of which amendments are negated, where and when. Freedom of speech gone, freedom to peacefully assemble gone, unreasonable search and seizure (like this example) gone, keep and bear arms gone in states like CA, NJ, NY, MA, etc...

Carlo Salvi

John Oliver did a very good piece on this. Everybodh should watch it. The conflict of interest is that the police dept that confiscates the money, gets to keep it for their own personal use. One dept in Oliver's story even bought a margarita machine with some. Another testifying that it was "pennies from heaven" with no oversight on how the dept spends it.


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