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Chicago, IL

In Lincoln Park, White Neighbors Have Been Calling Cops On Black-Owned Restaurant Since Day One, Owner Says

Cover picture for the articleLINCOLN PARK — New Lincoln Park restaurant Dinner and a Movie had only been open for a day when police started showing up, owner Rashad Bailey said. “That same day we opened [April 30] is when the police started coming,” Bailey said. “They were there the first day we opened, second day, third day and the fourth day. Then the next thing you know I’ve got [Business Affairs and Consumer Protection] showing up.”

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Tasha B

It should not be groups of people hanging outside the Tavern after it close they should go home. I'm black and I hate to say I would be calling the police too if unruly loads mouth people making unnecessary noises is sooo unclassy. Heck I call the police on church people that was below us because it was after 10pm and they were playing their music like they were in a concert. It boils down to respect and I didn't see anything racist about what the neighbors were doing. If your being unruly and disturbing the peace yes they have their reason. From what's be going on shooting? seems like a mix of bad crowd of people and the owner is about money and not peace.


Another race baiting story. imagine that. Fact is the neighbors (no matter their color) have a rite to expect a safe & quite neighborhood. If the owners can't contain the noise then the neighbors are well within their rights to call the police & have them dispersed. stop acting like 🤡 and calling your neighbors racist. Playing the victim card is so lame.

Lamont Gray

I'll say this, a shooting Would be the first and last time period:Secondly being a proud black man as I Am you have too Understand these Neighbor's,there very Aware that 79 percent of Crime at this moment involves black youth and bye having a predominantly black crowd and a shooting Would be Enough for me ;So I can't actually say I blame the neighbors for wanting you out right Away;because it only gets Worse


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