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Catawba County, NC

‘Please bring my son home’: Deputies investigate local dad’s ‘suspicious’ disappearance

WSOC Charlotte
WSOC Charlotte

CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. — Family members -- as well as investigators -- are growing more concerned about foul play in the disappearance of a Catawba County father earlier this month.

Reporter Dave Faherty spoke with the parents of Tony Jaworsky on Tuesday, who said they are very worried. Deputies said they are calling Jaworsky’s disappearance suspicious.

The 29-year-old’s parents said they last saw their son on July 13. They told Channel 9 he is very close with his children and would never miss one of their birthdays, something that has since happened.

Tony Jaworsky’s car was found abandoned along Interstate 40 in Iredell County -- about 20 miles from his home -- days after his disappearance.

Channel 9 was with investigators Tuesday morning. They have the vehicle in a garage at the sheriff’s office where they have carefully gone over it for any possible clues in the case.

Detectives said they’re also looking for any digital footprint involving Tony Jaworsky’s disappearance -- from cellphone records to social media posts.

Tony Jaworsky’s parents told Channel 9 they just want some answers and said it’s difficult to sleep with their son missing.

“I’m scared,” his mother, Kelly Jaworsky, said. “I’m real scared. I’m thinking all these different thoughts like something bad happened to him, and he’s not here, or somebody has him.”

“You see it on TV, on the news, constantly, and you don’t know what it’s like until it happens to you -- and it’s unbearable,” his father, Daniel Jaworsky, said.

Detectives are interviewing those who knew Tony Jaworsky, and deputies in both Iredell and Burke counties are helping, as is the State Bureau of Investigations.

“Please bring my son home, because I love him, and he’s got three beautiful kids that he loves and mean the world to him,” Kelly Jaworsky said.

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l o v e is love and hope is hope

My heart goes out to his parent's because I cannot begin to imagine what his parents are going through and all the different scenarios that are going through their minds every second of every day!!! If either of my kids were missing for even a day I would go crazy much less them being gone for weeks!!! Many prayers that he is found safe but if something bad has happened to him I hope that his parent's will get answers and find some sort of closure!!!


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