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Carrington, ND

Carrington calendar: Coming events

Carrington Digest
Carrington Digest

(CARRINGTON, ND) Carrington is ready for live events.

With venues and artists using groundbreaking digital tools to present live content to remote audiences, performers that previously would have depended on in-person attendance are now able to channel their unique energy into digital formats.

Simultaneously, venues from bars to coffeehouses and music clubs are adapting in-person formats to allow social distancing.

Here is a list of live events coming up, including both in-person and online in Carrington:
Jamestown, ND | Posted by Local Events

Starts at: Thu Jul 07, 10:00 PM

Ends at: Fri Jul 07, 11:00 AM

only those who have a desire to stop drinking may attend.
Binford, ND | Posted by Local Events

Starts at: Fri Jul 07, 05:00 PM

Address: 10181 Co Rd 2, Binford, ND

Lori Alane LIVE at the Gathering Place at Red Willow Resort!
Carrington, ND | Posted by Local Events

Starts at: Tue Jul 07, 09:00 PM

Ends at: Wed Jul 07, 01:30 PM

Private Outing Noon Registration w/ 1pm Tee ~72Golfers Course closed noon-430pm

Carrington, ND | Posted by Local Events

Starts at: Thu Aug 08, 07:30 PM

Ends at: Fri Aug 08, 01:30 PM

10:30 Registration with 11:15 Tee- **Course closure 10am-430pm** Lunch available for purchase. Supper included at completion of tournament. Contact Duane Zwinger for team registration Cart not...

Starts at: Tue Jul 07, 06:00 PM

Ends at: Tue Jul 07, 07:15 PM

Address: (zoom link will be emailed soon), J town, ND 58405

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