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Cheney says ‘every minute’ of Trump’s actions on Jan. 6 will be investigated

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Cover picture for the articleWASHINGTON—Republican Liz Cheney made clear Tuesday she wants the committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection to have teeth, moving quickly to use subpoenas to force testimony from key witnesses, saying Americans should know what happened “every minute” inside the Trump White House that day. “The task of this committee will...

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Jan Thomsen

Trump had nothing to do with the riot, he wanted a peaceful demonstration. Liz you have no idea what your talking about. It was all over the Internet.

Lori Cole Dixon

Hey Cheney what are you going to say when they investigate and shows Trump was not behind it??? You need to convert to the Democrats because that's how your acting!!! You don't deserve to say your a Republican!! Republicans don't turn on their own.

Stanley Paige

the insurrection starts and ends with cancer he invaded our democracy. he politicized the department of justice. ordered his staff not to respond to subpoenas, treated the white house and staff as though they were his. he compromised every facet of our way of life. and if he is not made to pay, america will loose a bit of its luster. justice for all, will be another short coming, saying like blind justice, and no one is above the law, will be just slogans.


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