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Mary Lou Retton Married a College QB & Raised a Gymnast Daughter

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Before there was Simone Biles or Gabby Douglas, there was Mary Lou Retton. Retton was the first American female gymnast to wow at the Olympics. She took gymnastics to a new level in this country. Back in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, she became the first American woman...

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Cynthia Washington

Everyone that says that Simone Biles is a A QUITER, GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!DO ANY OF YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER that can COMPETE WITH HER?NO!You REALLY DON'T KNOW what she is going through and from your statements, YOU DON'T REALLY CARE. All you care about is she LET HER TEAM AND COUNTRY DOWN.Well I have a News Flash for each of you, If she let Anyone DOWN, SHE LET HERSELF DOWN..Because I am so Sure she didn't go to Japan with the idea of pulling OUT OF THE COMPETITIONS. She has some Problems she is try to work on and I PRAY she can get through it.But even then, if not..she has been an outstanding person on the COMPETITION Floor for years.Whatever any of you think about her, I PRAY she finds the Help she needs and the strength to continue to WALK THROUGH THE PROCESS AND THE REST OF HER LIFE WITH HER HEAD HELD HIGH.She doesn't have ANYTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF OR EMBARRASSED ABOUT .Give Respect to her and others like her that may come after her.

Alicia Renee

Mary Lou, Nadia those two paced gymnastics for our girls in the states


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