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Deshaun Watson case just took a major turn

Cover picture for the articleReally bad news from the Watson camp. Just as things were looking up for him. The Texans announcing trade talks. NFL not putting him on exempt. Looked like he was going to play 2021 season. Now police reports filed by 10 women alleging sex assault. This will have to open up a criminal case which changes the whole dynamic of the NFLs actions on the matter. Also, basically shuts down any trade interest from other teams. All of this precisely coordinated and coincidentally happening just as the season starts stinks of foul play.

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big tex01

this is on Watson he signed a huge $$ contract. he got involved with these instagram massage therapist. he saw trouble and thought he could run from his troubles. him getting his feelings hurt by the Texans was an excuse. Give a kid millions and this is what happens

Jacques the Great Person

why didn't they immediately report it. if i were him i would say yes i got a massage and either it was consensual or it never happened period.

the champ

I hope all the women have to go to court in testified what before a judge and be charge for perjury and when they get caught in a lie they get jail times. What Watson need to do is file charges against them and sued them. Because all the women already said that it were no sexual exhaust. these women jobs is touching. This all about the no good owner and lawyer trying to force him to play for Texans of destroy Watson career and so no other team want to touch him. If I were Watson I would retire and fight those charges in court. I would go play in CFL


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