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Chicago Bulls Reportedly Willing To Offer $150M To Dennis Schroder

Cover picture for the articleDennis Schroder struggled during his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers. After a solid year with Oklahoma City, where Schroder was in the running for Sixth Man Of The Year, the Lakers traded for him during the offseason. Schroder was seen as a replacement for Rajon Rondo, someone who could come in when LeBron James and Anthony Davis rested and coordinate the offense. And while he had a modest start, he encountered struggles in the second half of the season.

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Kastens Ryan

thats insane! 150 million for a guy that all but sucked?! God what it must be like to have nothing really going for you but athletic ability and make more money than hard working Americans will ever make a fraction of in their lifetime

Michael Hardy Jr

Schroeder should have took the Laker's offer. For them to be willing to offer that to him early in the season was unreal, especially knowing he is not a go-to guy, and not much of an offensive and or defensive threat.

Raymond Chacon

Lakers should unload him and take the bulls point guard in part of the return package I think it's Coby White he could do as good a job as Schroeder cause the offense will go thru lebron and ad as long as they r there but lebron will be gone I a couple years or when he breaks the scoring record ... although Colby I think makes around 5 mil and Schroeder 15 mil they can make it work somehow and save money they'll need for a big time star theyll need to add soon in the next couple years


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