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Miranda Devine: Why Nancy Pelosi's days as Speaker of the House are numbered

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleNancy Pelosi used to point her angry finger at Donald Trump, but she leaves him in the dust when it comes to busting norms, dividing Congress and causing mayhem. If anyone is to blame for the hyper-partisanship in Washington these days, it’s the spiteful House speaker. She behaves more like...

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I have a serious question to ask everyone...please....can a person be the ligit president and the house speaker at the same time? hello president Trump,. I really don't care how you circle back to the White House ...just get there soon. godspeed.

Annie Ramirez

impeach her and somemore with her Democrats and Republicans clean the swamp and put some younger ppl in their place there really needs to be age limits to all offices


Nancy knew everything that was going on or going to happen on January 6th if you look at the footage there was very little 👮 law enforcement there's only appreciate one for police officer on a each panel try to blame it on Trump to they were plenty of people who told her that this was going to happen and she did nothing about it because you wanted Trump to take the full and AOC let me tell you she wasn't even in the building she was like 2 blocks away there weren't her such an emotional video regarding an insured guns yelling screaming she was so scared she wasn't she also told Nancy that she got information that this was going to happen. why wouldn't you have high security on January 6th when the country was going through.


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