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Tom Hanks Built a Perfectly Balanced Car Collection. Now He's Selling It.

Cover picture for the articleA man’s dream garage changes throughout his life along with his taste in everything else. What you would fill a generous four or five stalls with when you were 15 (maybe a couple Ferraris and Rolls-Royces, because they’re the most expensive cars you can think of) would most likely not be the same as what you’d pick at 65. So what would older, wiser you want if given a movie-star budget but a better understanding of the headache that comes with Ferrari and Rolls-Royce repairs? Just ask Tom Hanks.

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Did he buy any of them off of JEFFREY EPSTEIN ???? just thinkin maybe thats why he flew to his island so many times ??????? and was also thinking why did he move to Greece when the flight logs came out ?????


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