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Presidential Election

Biden’s cognitive dysfunction takes front and center

Washington Times

Cover picture for the articleEverybody knows President Biden has a speaking problem. It used to be one rooted in gaffes. “Oh, that’s just Joe” was the standard line of explanation from his defenders on occasions that ranged from his blurting of racial insensitivities to his characterization of high I.Q. in the face of outed serial plagiarism.

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jim McCue

his wife and his party should be ashamed of themselves for letting this be done to him. 47 years in office, not the most productive politician, and now he will be remembered as the President who had dementia while in the white house. and after he steps down we will be left with a President who isn't as smart or on the ball as the President that had Dementia. what a shame this country is becoming.


The powers that be, Joe's handler's, need to be removed from their positions & charged with elderly abuse. I find it disheartening that they're using this man who has no clue as to what he's doing or saying. I'm not even sure he understands that he's the president. His handler's will not be able to continue using him much longer because reading his note cards and listening to his little ear piece won't work for much longer. Harris will not be able to be our president & I don't think I have to explain why. Pelosi will use the 25th amendment on Harris & then Pelosi will finally have what she's always be president, to have the ultimate power. It's coming & it's coming sooner rather than later & when it does...that's when a civil war like none other will happen. Mark my words, this is what we have to look forward to.

Carole Whitcomb

his know the one that wants to be called Dr? she doesn't seem worried about his health one bit so just let him bury his self then we might get a president that really cares not just a showboat yes mama no mama man


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