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Uber driver, 40, who was carjacked and beaten by gang of teenage boys pretended to be dead and escaped when they threw her into river in Brazil

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

An Uber driver who was carjacked and beaten by gang four of teenage boys pretended to be dead and escaped when they threw her from a bridge into river in Brazil.

Marcia Angola had picked up the four teens after they requested a ride on the app in Tangará da Serra, Mato Grosso, on Saturday, according to online news outlet G1.

The teens asked the 40-year-old woman to make a second stop, where they were waiting for a fifth person, but instead flashed a toy gun and kidnapped her.

'We stopped at a corner where they said they would pick someone up,' Angola said. 'But that person (did not) exist and they announced the robbery.'
Three of the four carjacking suspects were caught on video robbing a watch store in Nova Olímpia, a city in the central-western Brazilian state of Mato Grosso on Saturday after they had carjacked a 40-year-old female driver from Uber and threw her off a bridge

Angola was blindfolded and placed in the back seat of her vehicle as one of the suspects drove off at a high speed rate.

The teens demanded she hand over money, and became enraged when she managed to take her blindfold off.

'They started beating me, punching me and saying they were going to hang me and kill me. The solution I had was to pretend to be dead,' Angola recalled.

She remembers one of the teen attackers noticing that she was still alive, and shouting, 'Let's kill, squeeze her neck.'

Angola said the suspects grabbed her by her arms and legs, and flung her from the Sepotuba River Bridge.

'When I fell, I just remember that I asked God for me to fall into the water, because if I fell to the ground I would have died,' she said.

'I (went under water) when I surfaced and saw what they were looking at (me). I kept quiet and sank again, letting the water take me down the river, trying to balance myself, kind of floating because I didn't know how to swim and couldn't go to the bottom.'
Marcia Angola told Brazilian news outlet G1 that the teens wanted to rob her off her money and car
Marcia Angola was thrown off the Sepotuba River Bridge in Mato Grosso, Brazil, on Saturday after she was carjacked by four teens who ordered a ride on Uber

Eventually, Angola was able to reach the river shore and made it to a farm, where residents called paramedics.

After throwing Angola over the bridge, the teens headed towards the municipality of Nova Olímpia, where they robbed a watch store.

Surveillance footage showed three of the suspects standing in front shop before one of them smashed the window with a rock as they took off with

The teens were arrested by the Military Police and allegedly confessed to their roles in the crime.

One of the teens was seen on video being beaten by his mother as he walked into a police precinct to turn himself in.

Charges on the four suspects had not been announced by the Mato Grosso Civil Police, which is investigating.
Still image of a video filmed outside a police precinct in Mato Grosso, Brazil, shows a mother beating her son as he walked inside the station to turn himself in following his role in the carjacking of an Uber driver Saturday

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A Mom and 2 Awesome Kiddos

Brazil is TOUGH outside the affluent areas. When my husband traveled there with a group of fellow executive,(A few years before we met) the company had to take out a million dollar insurance policy out on them, because a lot of foreign executive are kidnapped. Poor girl! God saved her, if you ask me.


Praise to the Mom that gave her son a well deserved public spanking for his roll in attempted murder. Moms in the US would say” he’s a good boy. He wouldn’t do such a thing”.

Susie Thurman

Thank God she's alive and for the capture of some them, in which I'm sure the rest will be caught as well!!


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