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Woman’s glow up is so dramatic people can’t believe it’s the same person

The US Sun
The US Sun

CURLY hair model and influencer Valeria Voronina underwent such a dramatic transformation that people aren't convinced it's real.

The TikToker amassed 31.2 million views on her extreme make-over video where she goes from a dowdy blotchy woman with a hook nose to an insta-glam model.
Valeria started out with yellow teeth and blotchy skin Credit: @voronina_valeria_Tiktok

While it's undeniable Valeria has skills with a make-up brush, the TikToker undoubtably took steps to make herself look worse in the before shot.

Although, some of the millions of viewers, think that the before and after shots are two different people entirely.

One said: "It's not the same person. Just look at the nose."

While another added: "You know how I know it's not the her, the teeth difference and I'm not talking about the colour."
The end result was very different to the starting point Credit: @voronina_valeria_Tiktok

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Speak Truth In Love

Wow, it's amazing how you can go from in your 50s to a 20 year old by having your hairline, nose, and shape of mouth and eyes be completely changed, lose a mole from your chin, and add make-up! Yeah...that's realistic. 🙄

Dirk Ward

Scary what you wake up with going home with a 10 and wake up with a 2........course, it works both together, you might make a


That’s not a “glow up” a glow up is when you grow out of an “ugly stage” in your life. She’s still there she just learned to cover it up..


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