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Rapper Money Mitch ‘shoots himself dead’ after opening fire on cops during police chase

The US Sun
The US Sun

RAPPER Money Mitch reportedly killed himself after he opened fire on police during a chase in Florida.

Cops found the body of the musician, real name Mitchell Holmes, at an apartment in Lake Park on June 23, according to reports.
The rapper took the nickname 'Money Mitch' from his brothers Credit: Instagram/moneymitch223_
Rapper Money Mitch reportedly killed himself after opening fire on cops in Florida Credit: Youtube

Police executed a traffic stop and the musician reportedly got out of an Uber that he was riding in and started firing at Palm Beach County deputies.

He wasn’t hit by the gunfire and fled to a building around a block away where cops found blood.

Frank DeMario, of PB Sheriff’s Office, said they thought the rapper had been wounded in the shootout but found out that he fatally shot himself.

Cops said they had him under surveillance, WPTV reports.

DeMario said: “We followed him to a building and on the second floor, we noticed some blood droppings on the first floor. We thought he was wounded.

"We didn't have any involvement in the shooting."

Cops posted a picture of the weapon between his legs on social media.

Money Mitch blog for the latest updates on the rapper's death

Two cops were placed on administrative leave.

It’s reported that neither were injured in the shootout and an investigation remains ongoing.

The rapper’s family has not spoken about his death but friends have confirmed Mitch’s death, according to the Focus.

Rapper Risk GG wrote on Instagram: “I’ll never be the same again.

“I love you lil bro thank u for everything (sic).”


Holmes took the name Money Mitch from his brothers and called him that ever since he was young, US Day News reports.
Police shared a photo of the gun Money Mitch used in the shooting Credit: Twitter / PBCountySheriff

He said his brothers were his biggest inspiration and started making music when he was just 12 years old.

The musician said: “They (my brothers) were always rapping around me as a kid and were a big reason I started rapping because I was close with them.”

Mitch reportedly used to play football but stopped in middle school after deciding that music “became more important”.

The rising Floridian’s first hit was 813 Anthem which gathered over 2,000 views on YouTube and Spotify.

He released a song with rapper SpotemGottem, real name Nehemiah Harden, in December 2020.

Their track “Charged Up” has been watched over 200,000 times on YouTube.

Money Mitch reportedly produced around 10 songs this year along with music videos.

And, he had around 15,000 followers on social media.
Cops found blood after the rapper fled Credit: Instagram/moneymitch223_
'Money Mitch' started making music when he was 12 years old Credit: Instagram/moneymitch223_

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Deirdre Senior

Something Was Seriously Going On In His Life He Had To End It So Sad He Didn't Acknowledge The Most High Who Leads And Direct You In The Right Way. Oh The World Society Has No Use For God Rather Do Things In Their Own Strength . Good Luck With That

WTF DoesIt Matter

Now look, I know the police get a bad rep but they REALLY think people are supposed to believe he shot himself just because they posted a picture of his legs with a gun between them 🤔

Nicole Miller

can't believe what I'm reading and we're supposed to be adults and children supposed to look up to us as adults?? this is sad..😪🙏🏽


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