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Don't Go Here While the Delta Variant Is Surging, Experts Warn

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The Delta variant has brought on a new surge of COVID cases in the U.S. Overall cases in the country have increased by nearly 50 percent in the last week, with more than 80 percent of these new cases being caused by infections with the variant, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But some states are experiencing higher infection rates than others, which means you should travel with caution.

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steve thomas

send me.. I'm not afraid. why? because there is no variant, there's no pandemic. never was. tuberculosis killed more people last year..blah blah. I know what trolls will say 600k plus. NO the CDC you know your GOD stated at a sub committee in June 2021 that of those deaths it was actually over stated that only about 10% of those were TRUE covid deaths. the other deaths were ( with) covid not because (of ) covid


bawhahahaha 🖕 you! people stop listening to this BS! What they r not telling u is the vaccinated is becoming positive at a higher rate than non vaccinated. Let your immune system kick in. These people r making $$$ off this vaccine

joseph franchino

Can anyone explain why the Canadian border is closed do to Covid, but not the southern border?


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