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Why the Lakers Will Trade Anthony Davis this Offseason

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Colin Cowherd: “This Lakers locker room was not great I’m told. LeBron was frustrated with AD, Frank Vogel who loves his bigs to be in shape was frustrated with AD, and Dennis Schroder was driving everybody crazy, specifically Kyle Kuzma. I’m told Frank Vogel is no guarantee to make it through the entire year next year – that’s the kind of toxicity they were dealing with… This Lakers locker room is not great right now. Never forget that this is what happens in LeBron’s career when he doesn’t win a title. 2010, he leaves the Cavs for the Heat. In 2014 he left the Heat for the Cavs. 2016 he fired David Blatt the coach in Cleveland. 2017 he tried to get Kyrie Irving traded. 2018 he left the Cavs for the Lakers. In 2019 he blew out all the players and they traded for AD. LeBron’s favorite movie is ‘The Godfather’ and he loves Michael Corleone. You get whacked if you don’t get business done. When you go back to his career the last decade, when he doesn’t win a title big stuff happens virtually every year. BIG stuff is coming. It may be Dame, it may be Bradley Beal, I would not be shocked if AD got traded. I don’t think it will happen, but the dude is not committed as much as LeBron is. Dame and Bradley Beal are in the weight room all offseason, and AD is increasingly hurt. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but if LeBron doesn’t win and it looks ugly and people start bailing on LeBron, BIG STUFF happens.” (Full Video Above)

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The problem with LA is their culture they have the Hollywood Glam but they do not have a culture like Miami they have been trash for years before Lebron came ….the main reason is their coaches have been trash for years …Walton should have never been hired as coach ….the coach is responsible for the culture and work ethic of the team ….LA is too big a market for these medium market coaches …Vogel is pathetic they will not win another Championship with him as coach his players do not respect him !!!!!!!!


Colin Cowherd is full of bullsh**t. Why does anyone still take him seriously? It's so strange how people get paid millions to analyze sports on radio and TV and when their analysis turns out to be junk, they suffer no consequences. If you have multiple failures like these guys in a real job, you'll be out the door!


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