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German lawyers wrangle over pensioner's WW2 tank in basement


Cover picture for the articleLawyers in Germany are wrangling over how to deal with a pensioner who stored a World War Two tank, anti-aircraft gun and torpedo in his basement. The items were removed from a house in the northern town of Heikendorf in 2015 with the help of the army. Prosecutors and defence...

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Chris Jones

let him sell them to a museum and free access to said museum. they are history and should be treated as such. as for the fine/ penalty... none, he was doing a service to the rest of the world by keeping the items from destruction

Bill Free

Germany left the items on his property so he had all rights to them , those lawyers are just trying to steal his toys , if Germany wants them back then let them pay Storage for all these years

2/68 Armor Vet

The Panther tank should be sold to a museum, collector or military restoration center, given a new set of tracks and restore it to full driving, firing, and running order to have it featured in world war 2 movies. The vehicles used in the Brad Pitt flick, “Fury”, were authentic, especially the Tiger tank Fury battled in the movie. The same should be done with the 88mm Flak Gun found with the Panther.


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