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Donald Trump Jr. Vastly More Popular With Republicans Than Mitch McConnell, Poll Shows


Cover picture for the articleA new poll showed former President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., is significantly more popular among Republicans than the GOP heads in both chambers of Congress. Trump Jr. has remained a vocal force within the Republican Party after his father left office and has been floated as a potential presidential or senatorial candidate. He hasn't committed to making a run for office but has been an active member on the campaign trail working to get Republicans elected and it's possible his endorsement could be an asset to candidates, as his father's is.

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earle felkins Elfy6842

whether or not anybody cares I don't have any respect for either one of those two including the Don the con . Republicans don't have any care about what happens to America.

Gator Bait

That says it all .... Republicans are really in trouble here if they want to hang with Jr.Dumbasses......

J Acarius

We're going to see a really big shit💩 show in the GOP. McConnell and Co are very worried, and and the Qtrumpers are on the march. Let's all sit back with a beer and some popcorn and watch them destroy themselves⚰🪦. There is a God, and they're a Democrat!


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