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Robert Parish Says Michael Jordan Is Not The GOAT Because He Didn't Defeat Great Teams: 'He Couldn't Beat Celtics, Pistons Got Old, He Couldn't Beat Lakers In Their Prime.'

Cover picture for the articleMichael Jordan hasn't played basketball for almost 18 years. But still to this day, he is considered one the greatest player of all time. Jordan took some time to get to the championship level. But after eight years of missing out on the NBA Finals, Jordan ascended to the league and became the most dominant superstar in the NBA.

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Robert Parish must still be smoking ganga AND is drinking haterade. He beat the best player of 1980's in Magic Johnson AND THE BAD BOYS PISTONS who won 2 straight titles and were a game 7 away from beating the Lakers in 88'. Its not MJ's fault the Celtics got too old to beat the Pistons for 3 years. All he can play is,who is in front of him, he can't control who makes who is too old, who has an injury, and who cant handle getting beat. Let it go Cheif👎🏾

Anthony 64

Robert Parrish is Correct and Michael Jordan knows it. All the previous champions were old, retiring on on their way out. Celtics, Lakers, Pistons even Houston and San Antonio. Then the No Physicality (Jordan Rule) kicked in. My Goat is Magic Johnson. High school Champion, Michigan State Big 10 Champion, Michigan State National Champion and 5 Rings going against Larry Byrd and the Celtics. Unfortunately his career was cut Short but Daaaaamn. Showtime was the Shiiiid

Joseph Leon

No reasoning behind this. In MJs younger years he didn't have a loaded team like the Celtics, or Pistons. He's supposed to beat them with role players that weren't nearly as good. SMH.


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