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Chick-fil-A Employee’s Attempt to Expose the Beloved Fast Food Chain Kinda Backfires

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A Chick-fil-A employee attempted to expose the well-loved fast-food chain on TikTok earlier this month. The user posted a TikTok of an employee scraping the breading off of chicken with the caption "and y'all be eating this." The employee filming the video asks the person scraping the chicken what it's used for and they respond that it's for the chicken soup.

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Trevor Whitlock

I see nothing wrong about not wasting food. croutons are usually yesterday's bread at many restaurants. hard old bread. it's smart business

Godly Chick

Best part is they are wearing GLOVES!! You’re right only at Chick Fil A where they are very clean and health conscious. Best fast food place to eat at. I wish other food places followed their customer service and cleanliness.

Angela Blankenship

Just a attempt to make a Christian owned chain of restaurants look bad, nice try, nice try, I worked in restaurants for 15 years and all food is repurposed if possible


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