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IRON MAIDEN's BRUCE DICKINSON: How I Juggle My Music Career With Other Projects


Cover picture for the articleIRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson spoke to WalesOnline about his struggle to juggle his monumentally successful music career with his other projects, including being the owner of aircraft maintenance and training company Caerdav (formerly Cardiff Aviation Ltd.). He said: "I'm juggling it constantly. The idea was to not be juggling it quite as much as I ended up doing in the early and middle years. I put a substantial amount of money into the company over the years, and when it was known as Cardiff Aviation, I think it's fair to say it had a few false starts. Two years ago, we had to completely reorganize the company, we changed the name and completely rebranded it. Much of the workforce stayed the same and they have been fantastic, but I went from being one-third shareholder to 100% shareholder.

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