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Virginia Landlord Killed by Tenant Then Hidden in Woods for Weeks

Virginia Landlord Killed by Tenant Then Hidden in Woods for Weeks

Virginia State News by Evan Green

A missing Virginia woman's body has been found after she vanished last month while grocery shopping and one of her tenants has been charged with her murder. Emily Lu was last at an Aldi store in Woodbridge.

Upon recovery of the vehicle, her purchases were still inside the car.

Emily Lu did not show up for work and her concerned coworkers reported missing. Lu's body was discovered in a forest near her house in Lorton almost six weeks after she went missing.

25-year-old Brian George Sayrs Jr. has been charged with second-degree murder and felony concealment of a body. He rented an apartment from Ms. Lu.

Virginia police suspected someone Lu knew was responsible for her disappearance. Chief Kevin Davis of Fairfax County Police acknowledged that Sayrs was the subject of this investigation.

A struggle was seen inside Lu's home, which led investigators to believe foul play had been involved.

Sayrs is being held without bail in jail.

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Alan NoVa Rezaie

People have zero remorse for life. I agree with Deborah . Why second degree? It was obviously a planned out attack. What dummies roam our justice system.

Brandy S

That is just sad😥, he went as far as killing someone then not only did that but hid her body wth!! I agree he needs to be charged with first degree murder. this is why there needs to be changes in the Justice system.. he will probably get 5 years and probation, then some1 who gets caught stealing gets 10 years.... SMDH

black consciousness

well well well WHITEY strikes again and again and again but I see only 15 comments now I wonder how many ignorant white males and females would comment if the narrative were different? let's say (black male )


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