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An unvaccinated radio host is sick with covid. His family is ‘elated’ listeners are now getting the vaccine.

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleWhen his brother first caught the novel coronavirus, Mark Valentine did not think he was suffering too much. Phil Valentine continued posting regularly on Facebook, joked about his condition and even hosted a segment for his conservative talk radio show on WTN-FM in Nashville. He had chosen not to get the vaccine and frequently mocked Democrats’ campaigns to drive more people to get the shot. When the brothers spoke on the phone a few days after Phil tested positive in early July, he told Mark that he was already feeling better.

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Queen Bee

My sister and I were recommending bi pap use as well as converting c pap machines to make shift safer "ventilators" in March 2020. Nice to see the so called experts are finally catching up. Traditional ventilators have an 85% death rate and ALWAYS come with side effects from loss of memory to physical problems. HOME HEALTH CARE Nurses have been using the pap machines as more gentle alternatives to ventilators for YEARS.

Lisa Bustamante

people aren't getting vaccine just because of him .the story right before his has a tv host fully vaccinated sick with it .any one can get it vaccinated or unvaccinated period

Li Span

So his bro had and recovered quickly but NOW he is full if fear and got the vax. Not all fear and anxiety is rational. we have known for a year that people with comorbidities are most vulnerable. ..furthermore from 2018-19 there was a TERRIBLE flu strain that had THESE VERY SYMPTOMS...a mild flu and then just as the person recovered a fatal pnuemonia would strike...both Young and old died from QUICKLY people forget ...


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