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Royal Family News: Reason Prince Charles Is Against Making Princess Beatrice And Eugenie Senior Royals

Cover picture for the articleBritish royal family news teases that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex isn’t the only one who can write a tattle tale book about the monarchy. News leaked last week that the mouthy ex senior royal is penning his memoir at the ripe old age of 36. But the real shocker is that his deal to write a second book can only see the light of day after his grandmother Queen Elizbeth dies. That’s how incendiary the book is and how shameless Harry has become.

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Martha McBride Rummel

Charles, I never thought I would agree with you! I agree with the Eugene and Beatrice situation. Andrew needs to be excised along with Harry and Meghan (no Royal baptisms or weddings for The Sussex children). Be calm and carry on with those who truly believe in the monarchy and desire to work for the Crown and the people of the UK. Your biggest most genuinely loyalty are William & Kate and their family!!!!

Janice Poirier

I don't know the royals protocol, but for Charles to keep anyone from anything is a joke. if it wasn't for him and his mistress, Diana would still be alive. I have no respect for Charles and his mistress. I hope you get what's coming to you........soon.


My family love each other whether you a millionaire or a homeless person ...ridiculous to title your own family ...those girls still born into the family ...sad to be rated ...sickness must have own sense of self worth


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