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Watch Simone Biles absolutely destroy the floor routine at 2021 Olympics (Video)


Cover picture for the articleGymnast Simone Biles is looking to lead the U.S. National Team to Olympic gold with performances like this floor routine she performed on Sunday (Monday in Tokyo). In the center of all the decorated Olympians participating in the 2021 Tokyo games is U.S. Gymnast Simone Biles. Biles nailed her flour...

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Juanita Thompson

You know, don't put down a young woman, who had to deal with not only Foster Care, as a youth, remembers going hungry. The biological mother, could not care for her children. Grandfather and his wife, were allowed to Foster Care, Simone Biles. They asked Simone her dreams, and encouraged her. Simone knew she did not want to end up like her biological mother. She knows there's always going to be someone better. Simone and the team are working hard to win for our Country, The United States, in which my father served on the front line for over 21 years in the Air Force. No matter what culture, this could be your daughter. And, as a Mom, would you not encourage her? All the girls have worked hard. The press is the press. They single these athlete's out. Give credit where credit is do.

Douglas Stroud

You are the finest artist that has ever taken the floor. Just to watch you is beyond description and the human vocabulary. Amazing please keep doing what you do and just know the isn’t on your shoulders the world is mesmerize at your God given gift.


The best that ever did it. People love to hate on those that are better than them. When you are the best at what you do you can guarantee many will hate you simply because they don't have your abilities. Why not just acknowledge greatness and move on? Hating others only makes your heart hard.


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