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Warner regrets Harry Reid's filibuster change: 'I wish we wouldn't even have started this'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleSen. Mark Warner, D-Va., said Sunday he regrets that his party opened the door to changing the filibuster, even as he sounded open to changing it further to exempt voting rights legislation from the 60-vote legislative threshold. When asked whether President Biden should support eliminating the filibuster, Warner pointed out...

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M Angles

Dems are engaged in an attempt at raw power takeover. If they can, for the next year, if they violate the filibuster, then they will push EVERY LIBERAL SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, MILITARY , FOREIGN AGENDAS IN OUR COUNTRY. Without hyperbole, Dems are grabbing power, power that they know they can't get thru because Americans would not support.

Betty Hebert

It's not a "For the people" act it's for the DC DEMOCRATS act to keep them in power!! They are doing all they can to keep TRUMP from the WH. He is an AMERICAN and has just as much right as they do to run for the WH!!!!

Robert Forsyth

with the Democrats please tell me where the word democracy is in our constitution or Bill of Rights. our founding fathers gave us a republic plus a Bill of Rights. you will not find a democracy that comes with a Bill of Rights. democracy leads to mob rule. study the downfall of Athens which was a true democracy. it didn't turn out too good


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