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Gov. Abbott rips Biden's 'reprehensible' attacks on Texas voting bill: He's 'willing to lie' to 'get his way'

Fox News

Cover picture for the articleTexas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday slammed President Biden’s "completely reprehensible" attacks on the Republicans’ election integrity bill in his state, saying the president is "willing to lie" to the American people in order to further his political agenda. During an appearance on Fox News’ "Sunday Morning Futures," the Republican...

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Wanda Hilbrich Avila

Here’s a thought. Work on legislation that makes voting easier for the elderly, the ill, the handicapped, those with no transportation, those working three jobs.

Brandon Graham

Willing to lie??? No, sir. He's REQUIRED to lie, like all Democrats are because if people knew what they REALLY wanted for this country NO ONE would vote for them again EVER.


how about fixing our disaster of a electricity grid instead of chasing ghosts that magically commit fraud...the indicted Dan the Insider trading Patrick spent around 11 million dollars trying to prove voting fraud and fraud less than a dozen in his multi year investigation.. now the official bribery in chief even offered a 1 million dollar bounty for prove of voting fraud...with NO TAKERS. .. Abbott's concern isn't the integrity of our elections.. his concern is the appeasement the cult of conspiracy to get reelected...


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