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14-year-old rider Hugo Millan was killed Sunday during a horror crash at a race in Europe

Hugo Millan.
  • A 14-year-old athlete died Sunday during a horror motorbike crash at an event in Spain.
  • Hugo Millan fell off his bike with 13 laps remaining, and was then run over by another rider.
  • The teenager was one of the country's most promising athletes.
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14-year-old rider Hugo Millan was killed Sunday during a horror crash at a race in Spain.

The teenage athlete fell off his bike with 13 laps remaining at a European Talent Cup event, and though he got up to his feet, he was run over by Milan Leon Pawelec - a rider unable to avoid the collision.

A red flag went up to indicate to riders that the race was stopping because of an accident. Millan was given emergency medical attention on the track, before being transferred to the medical center at the circuit.

He succumbed to his injuries there, according to a MotoGP statement .

Tributes poured in around the world as the motorsports world mourned the loss of the young athlete who entered Sunday's race enjoying second place in the European Talent Cup standings.

Millan was "enjoying his most successful season so far in the FIM CEV Repsol, claiming several podiums to demonstrate his consistency as he competed at the front of the class," the MotoGP statement said.

The statement added: "We are so sorry and saddened about CEV Motorcycle rider Hugo Millan's passing," an official MotoGP statement said. "We would like to send all our love and support to his family, friends, and team.

"Ride in peace, Hugo."

FIM CEV Repsol, the motorbike racing series that Millan was competing in, said on Twitter: "We are deeply saddened to report that Hugo Millan succumbed to his injuries after a crash in the HETC race."

It added: "We will miss you, Hugo.

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Camping Unicorn?

condolences to Hugo Millan's family, friends and all who cared and loved this young teenager 🙏 prayers for comfort during your time of need. RIP Hugo

Lorri Mendoza Alsot

Why is a 14 year old allowed to do this? He's not even old enough for a license! RIP so sad!


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