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Women, 26, is left 'mortified' after neighbours send her an anonymous note warning they can 'see everything' when she showers

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

A women has been left mortified after an anonymous neighbour sent her a note to warn her they could 'see everything' when she showered.

Sarah Yates, 26, from Stockport, was sent a letter written by a stranger on Friday informing her that the new lights she had fitted in her bathroom meant they could see her showering, Manchester Evening News reports.

The note, which was posted through her letterbox while she holidayed in Rhodes, Greece, explained that the neighbours decided against knocking on the front door to let them know to spare them the embarrassment.

It read: 'Hi, you need to put blinds up in your bathroom. When you shower you can see everything. Didn't want to embarrass you by knocking on, thanks.'
Sarah Yates, 26, (pictured) was left red-faced when her neighbour wrote her a letter to tell her they could see her in the shower at her home in Stockport
The neighbour explained that they had written a note (pictured) instead of knocking on Sarah's door to save her the embarrassment

The property is Sarah's first home, which she shares with her cousin, and she recently had the bathroom redone, including new lights.

She assumed that the frosted window in the ground floor bathroom would be enough protection to stop people seeing in.

To make sure people couldn't see in, Sarah said she even stood outside in the garden to see how much people can see in when the lights are on.

But clearly her neighbours saw more than she realised.
Sarah (pictured) admitted she had assumed the frosted glass window which the previous owners had would be enough to stop people seeing in 

Sarah said: 'The previous owner had an old bathroom in and a dimmer light so they mustn’t have been able to see them showering before.

'I’ve put a new suite in and installed spotlights which are quite bright so it must have made a difference to what they can see.

'It’s just our outlines you can see but they obviously don’t want to have to see that through their windows.'

Instead, she is now planning to add some plants in front of the window to block off any view of them in the shower.
While Sarah (pictured) says she had double checked what was visible to the neighbours after the refit, she will not be adding some tall plants in front of the window for more protection

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Stump Jumper 666

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