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Dad who blamed Covid vaccine for his loss of mobility discovers he has two brain tumours

Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror
The couple have set up a fundraising page online to enable Chris to receive potentially life-saving treatment in Germany

A dad of three is crediting the Covid vaccine with saving his life, after checks on “side-effects” led to the discovery of two brain tumours.

Chris Laycock has been given a terminal diagnosis after doctors found not one, but two brain tumours, but it’s one that he’s willing to fight.

Three months ago the 44-year-old from Tameside, Manchester, was into body-building fitness, but now he has lost full use of his limbs and struggles with depth perception.

It was these struggles that first alerted Laycock and his wife, Jo Booth, that something was wrong.

The first day gyms reopened after lockdown, Chris and Jo were there. They were fitness mad and used to go to the gym every day and they didn’t slump in lockdown either.
Chris Laycock, before receiving his shock diagnosis (Image: Jo Booth)

However, on that day in March, it was a different story for Chris. His arm hurt and he was feeling quite tired after having had his first vaccine.

The man with the six pack was suddenly unable to lift up a 15kg weight.

"His arm just gave way and it dropped on his lap," Jo said.

When Chris asked his friend, who’s an osteopath, what she thought was wrong with him, she suggested that he should get an appointment with a neurologist.

While this took him by surprise, he booked the appointment anyway, securing the nearest possible appointment, which was two weeks later.

But when the couple were at a friend’s barbeque in York, they noticed something was wrong with Chris’s depth perception.

"He couldn’t figure out how to put his arm on the table," she said.
Because doctors though Chris' condition was vaccine-related, he was fast-tracked for an MRI (Image: Jo Booth)

Jo called 111 and was told to take Chris to York General Hospital. While she asked the operator if she could take him to Tameside - which was much closer, they wanted him in A&E within the hour.

The hospital checked to see if he was having a stroke and took bloods, but they just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.

"He was blaming the injection, he was getting quite angry about the jab," Jo said.

He was sent home from the hospital, but because they thought it was vaccine-related, he was fast-tracked for an MRI. After the scan he was told he would hear back from the hospital about the results at some point the following week.

But it was an hour later that he received a call. He was told that there was something ‘severely worrying’ and that he needed to come in for another scan.

"Chris was getting upset because he thought he had MS," Jo said.
Chris the day symptoms really started - the first day the gyms reopened (Image: Jo Booth)

In an effort to reassure him, she told him: "We know it’s not a brain tumour and we know you’re not going to die. Anything else we can cope with."

They soon received the shocking news that it wasn’t one brain tumour, it was two.

It wasn’t the news they wanted and it wasn’t the news they were expecting. But the diagnosis hasn’t taken away their positive outlook.

Chris has since asked another doctor what he would do if he was in his position with two brain tumours and a terminal diagnosis, and was given another option; to fly to Germany for treatment at the cost of £100,000.

At worst, the treatment would be life-extending, and at the very best, life-saving.

The couple have since set up a fundraising page online to enable Chris to make the trip.
Chris' diagnosis hasn’t taken away he and Jo's positive outlook on life (Image: Jo Booth)

In a bid to add some humour to the situation, Chris decided to name his two tumours Bill & Ted after the American sci-fi film.

"He wanted to name them because it takes their power away. It makes the experience less scary," Jo said.

Alex Winter, who plays Bill in the films, has shared Chris’s story, and his fundraiser to get life-saving treatment in Germany.

Winter took to Twitter on Friday to say: "Please donate and help Chris get rid of bad Bill & Ted."

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I have a brain aneurysm we have been monitoring for 2 years. I got Moderna 2nd shot May 28. I had a brain scan July 12. No change to my aneurysm. I can't speak for him. I can speak for me.

Vickie Andrus

Good grief— this has nothing to do with the shot!! Don’t panic the shot doesn’t cause brain tumors, it was just the timing!

Naomi mcmillian

it can take awhile for the vaccine side affects to show it affects everyone different, folks need to realize that the vaccine isn't a cure for the virus, there's plenty of evidence of that people are still getting covid who took the vaccine,, I am not into judging anyone who takes the vaccine or does not take it, your choice is yours and nobody should be penalize for their choice, we are all in this together covid has changed the world as we knew it to be God help us all.


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