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Mum horrified to discover what’s hidden behind her teenage son’s bed – and parents with boys can seriously relate

The US Sun
The US Sun

MANY might argue that toddlers make the most mess, but this mum proves that teenagers can be just as bad.

The only difference is that many parents don't know what their adolescent kids get up to in their bedroom half the time, so it's much easier to get away with anything.
The mum was horrified once she spotted what was stashed behind the bed Credit: instagram/@amandanighbertrd
The rest of the room looked pretty tidy, until they pulled the bed away from the wall Credit: instagram/@amandanighbertrd

One young lad knows a little something about this and his mum was left speechless - once she eventually caught on, that is.

You see, the family appear to be rearranging the teenager's room in a clip shared online which meant re-positioning the bed away from the wall.

But doing so revealed the ginormous rubbish stash shoved down the side of the bed as a result of munching on late night sweets, crisps and other naughty snacks.

Clearly not thinking anything of it each time he shoved the empty packaging down there, his mum couldn't believe just how messy his seemingly tidy bedroom really was.


A video was shared online which caught the mum's reaction, and parents with boys can no doubt relate.

"Pulled my teenage sons bed away from the wall and found this," she wrote on the screen - and the clip speaks for itself.

Posting on the video, one person said: "My mum would have buried me in that trash. "

While many others commented "disgusting."
There was a massive stash of rubbish leftover from mountains of snacks including crisps and chocolates Credit: instagram/@amandanighbertrd
The family was shocked by how much there was Credit: instagram/@amandanighbertrd
The teenage boy got to work on clearing all the rubbish Credit: instagram/@amandanighbertrd

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Marsha Gortney

We have never ever allowed food anywhere in the house but the kitchen to be eaten ever . 1. Because it causes bugs 2 the smell and the mess it’s a no no . Besides your children need to respect your home just as anyone else if the don’t then they don’t respect anyone else’s😬!l '


i was taught to clean from early age... still that way to a point my husband says our house is like a museum; look, but don't touch lol

Rachel 76

Could be worse, I have 2 boys and a girl they are all moved out. I would rather see food wrappers than used condoms etc. 🤮🤮🤮


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