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Al Roker left waiting at airport following inconclusive Covid results as he's forced to separate from co-stars

Hello Magazine

Cover picture for the articleAl Roker excitedly flew out to Tokyo on Saturday for his much-anticipated work trip to present Today live from the Olympic stadium. But unfortunately for the beloved weatherman, things didn't go quite according to plan when he touched down at the airport on Sunday. Al - who was joined by...

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Elizabeth Smith

absolutely no one from any country should have been allowed to travel to Tokyo without being vaccinated, and test negative for covid...

James Rearick

Ok so he never got a full clear from the test? & He isnt long from being treated for Prostate cancer! which puts him in a higher risk, maybe of being exposed to the Delta Variant, So NBC decides to send him anyways? real smart! Next if he gets Covid & lands in the hospital? That will become NBC's next big story line! & next thing is when he returns will he self isolate away from NBC & His family for 14 days? or ignore their advice of protocol?

Guess Me

See,covid shots not worth a dam,it’s been reported thousands have died that were fully vaccinated and others tested positive that were vaccinated so doesn,t seem to matter if you take the shot or not……….the mask were really working and the idots stopped people from using them,so don,t be hollering about covid spreading…………..


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