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Ask Amy: This woman’s place is in the home – alone!

Cover picture for the articleDear Amy: I am a wife to a good husband who is 12 years older than I am. We recently lost his wonderful mother (at age 93), and mine (she was 80 when she died). I loved both of these women and I miss them terribly. My mother lived with...

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Joan Bell

Mother-in-law's do better if they treasure their daughter or son-in-laws. Our daughter-in-law is a daughter to us and our son couldn't have chosen a better partner and mother for our grandkids. I am so proud of them and what they've accomplished together. If you treat a daughter or son-in-law like you've gained a new family member, that's what they become to you.

Robin Ellis

One day isn't asking to much! He should back off and let you have your day!

Anna-Lena Ostby

I took care of my bedridden mother-in-law until she passed it was hard work but I have no regrets, perhaps you need to sit down and explain what you need and why he may not understand just how burnt out you are.


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